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Rafael Ramírez. 1983, Cuba. Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication, by the University of the Arts, Havana, Cuba. Graduated in documentary filmmaking at EICTV (San Antonio de los Baños International Film School). His work has been part of international programs at France, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, USA and Japan. He has directed mockumentaries: Filmar Pedro Páramo (2007), Tractatus (2008) and Diary of the Mist (Mar del Plata IFF, 2015), also the documentary short film Limbo (DocumentaMadrid, 2016), the hybrid documentary Alona (Mar del Plata, DocumentaMadrid, 2017) and the experimental shorts Traces of the Inscribed (2017) and 

Amundsen´s Dogs (Locarno Film Festival 2017, FIC Valdivia, Mar del Plata IFF, Frames of Representation, DocumentaMadrid, FestCurtas, Frontera Sur, Neighboring Scenes). In the 32th edition of Mar del Plata IFF was presented a retrospective of his works in the Altered States Section. In 2019 two of his short films were selected by the Cervantes Institute for a worldwide exhibition. His first feature film Winter Campaigns was premiered in April, 2019 in Curacao IFF Rotterdam and he is currently developing two others feature film projects. From September 2017 until December 2018 he coordinated the Humanities Department and the master degree in Alternative Cinema organized by the EICTV. Ramírez has created a vast net of heteronyms, including the 8 writers of Umbralismo and the filmmakers Franz Akuva, Mateo Mordeccai and Adolfo Gaitán. He directs and composes the music for The Royal Bakunin Orchestra, under the names of Charles Klame, Erika Rodescu, Herr Akenathon, and Michael Winterness.

In May, 2019, Ramírez and greek filmmaker Athina Taka, created Mundus Subterraneus, a Society devoted to the study of the Collision. 

Athina Taka. 1989, Greece, Bachelor Degree in Modern European History from UCL in London. Following her graduation in 2010, worked in Athens as an investigator journalist in historical and socio-political documentaries for the national television. In 2013 and 2014 she was responsible of communication and organization of the International Film Festival of Patmos (IFFP). In September 2017 she entered the San Antonio de los Baños International Film School (EICTV), She has directed three short films: A Letter (as G. Widekind) (2017), Green Fields (2019) and Ahasverus (2019).

In May, 2019, Athina Taka and Cuban filmmaker Rafael Ramirez, created Mundus Subterraneus, a Society devoted to the study of the Collision. 

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