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Cinema as Wunderkabinett

Professor: Rafael Ramirez


Languages: English or Spanish.


How primitive can a register be? What we meant by registering in this era? Complex modes of questioning the irrefutable character of the world. And, by the way, register the world. All the linkages that relate the animal body and the gestural body are exposed and dissected in a truly neo-medieval way of knowledge. The cinema as an active and reactive cabinet of wonders and as the last redoubt of the ars combinatoria. The works of Daniel Paul Schreber, Guillen Landrian, Wiezniewsky, de Seta, John Cage, Lydia Lunch, Maya Deren, Giulio Camillo’s Teatro, Henri Chopin, The Proper People, indicates, among others, the path to a new understanding of the real. In this workshop, we will explore the interconnections that made possible those artifacts that we call wunderkabinett films.

Duration: 30 hours.

Creation of sound and visual works.



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